Founder of Bobble Babies Sherreen was interviewed by Xiomama magazine about what life is like being a new mother and starting a new business at the same time.

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?  Hi, I am Sherreen, I am 30 years old, mummy a 2-year-old daughter Amaya and owner of Bobble Babies

2. Does having a small child fit well into the lifestyle you created next to Bobble Babies? Having a small child and running my own business at times can be very challenging. Bobble Babies was created just after giving birth to Amaya so being a new mummy and running a new business was rather hectic. With any new business and being your own boss a lot of your time is consumed with work but It is coming up to nearly two years now and I am finally beginning to get better work to life balance, the key is organisation! I pretty much run Bobble Babies alone, I don’t have a team of assistants just yet, and as most mums will know when your child decides to become ill, everything stops! But I am lucky that I have a supportive fiancé and family who will help out with things when these situations arise.

3. Since when do you have your shop and where are you located? Its actually nearly Bobble Babies 2 year birthday! We are an online based retailer and have customers all over the world. We also have over 20 stores in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Estonia and USA stocking our items

4. When did you have an inclination to start a shop? Bobble Babies began just after having my daughter, I often got frustrated with the choice of clothing, accessories available for young babies and so began having things made for her. I originally set out making hats for family and friends and to customers locally. One day I posted a picture of Amaya wearing one of our hats on Instagram and it went viral and that’s when Bobble Babies really took with customers around the world wanting to purchase. I then started to design and manufacture more products and that’s how Bobble Babies began.

5. Who is your target audience? We find the brand is appealing to a lot of mums, we are best known for our hats and as we know every baby needs a hat!

6. How do you differentiate yourself from other stores? Unfortunately, we get a lot of other people imitating Bobble Babies hats and products. The amount of time and effort that goes into our products is very apparent to our customers.We take our time to source luxury high quality materials to ensure comfort, quality and style for babies and children. We constantly keep up to date to bring the latest colours and fashion trends.

 7 .Would you like to tell us more about your brand? Bobble Babies at the moment specialises in mostly outerwear garments such as hats, scarves and coats. Originally we produced only baby products from newborn to 2 years, but after lots of requests we now cater for the older child too and even do some matching mummy items ! All our products are designed in the UK and we manufacture within UK & EU. On the lead up to having my daughter I would search and search for baby clothes and accessories, it was almost like I was getting ready to play dress up again with my old dolls. But what I did realise is that picking the cutest item was not my only priority, this time it was important that quality, comfort and durability was taken into consideration. I knew what I wanted and from there I decided to make my ideas a reality.

8. Are there any new and exciting things we can expect from you? I’m always thinking of new things to bring to the table and have a few things up my sleeve, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! So watch this space!

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December 21, 2017 — sherreen okoro